Well, What Did I Learn?

Here is my final reflection video for my ECMP 355 class. I hope you enjoy watching it

My Final Reflection ECMP 355 – YouTube.


6 thoughts on “Well, What Did I Learn?

  1. Wow, Jane! I think you have created something really special; I really enjoyed watching. Good luck in internship. You are destined for great things!

  2. Thanks Michelle, that means a lot coming from you! And right back at ya, I cannot wait to hear the amazing things you explore and come up with for your pre-kindergartens! We must keep in touch!

  3. Wow Jane! Your reflection was very ‘powerful’! I was extremely impressed with everything from you choice of songs to the amazing slides you chose! I also liked how you focused on the three main aspects -numbers, technology and voice – Job well done!!

  4. Very impressive Jane! I’m thrilled that you and Brooke were able to run with this the way you did! And imagine how beautiful they will look, on a huge wall of other fabulous creations at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights! Beauty in the name of social justice! Those wee ones will never be forgotten…


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