Taking a Stand Against Standardized Testing

Recently, some students and their schools have been taking a stand against standardized testing in the schools. They have been protesting outside of Pearson Headquarters, the publishers of many of the textbooks you would be familiar with. Even though this is an event which is occurring in the United States and not Canada, I still believe that the implications are relevant. I believe that it is important that the students and the teachers are the ones who stand up for themselves. Too many decisions regarding what goes on in schools are made by individuals who rarely step foot in schools. The only way to get support from the larger public is to make them aware of the consequences of standardized testing, so they too can understand that we need to be focusing on learning experiences that benefit the students – which is clearly not standardized testing. Important decisions regarding the government who will influence the decisions in our own province regarding testing and our students future are made during the election time. If those who are not a part of the school system are not aware of the consequences of testing on our students, how will they know not to vote for those who support it? We need to stand up for the students and make the public aware, just as these individuals are here!

Schools Boycott Latest Round Of Standardized Testing – YouTube.



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