Exploring DS 106 Assignments

For Tech Task 5b, we were asked to complete two different assignments from the DS 106 Assignment Bank . The first assignment that I chose was in the ‘audio assignments.’ For this assignment we were asked to read one of our favourite children’s books. I read Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. Kevin Henkes was and is still one of my favourite children’s literature authors. I had fun using garage band to alter my voice after I had recorded the reading. I think that students could have a lot of fun creating their own stories on an audio program like this – it could be a very meaningful ELA project for students of varying ages. Check out the link to hear my reading of Chrysanthemum!

Sound Cloud – Chrysanthemum

For the second assignment, I chose to do one from the ‘writing assignments’ section. For this assignment we were asked to choose a movie and create a tweet that described the movie. I chose this one thinking it would be a fun task, which actually turned out to be a lot more difficult that I had imagined. Through the process of creating my tweet, I couldn’t think but how this could be a meaningful assignment for students to learn how to summarize and find the themes of books. In the end, I chose to do the Disney Classic, Aladdin.

My tweet is as follows: “One step ahead of Jafar, thanks to my #magiccarpetride”



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