LiveBinders… cool!

Lately I have been trying to work on my technology skills and learning how to actually use my computer. I am definitely a handwriting notes type of person, I do not think that will ever change. I love my agenda, I love writing lists, and making notes here and there – it is a part of my learning style that I know works for me. However, there are many times when my lack of knowledge with technology hinders my ability to succeed at a task, or results in me spending many hours on something that should have taken me 20 minutes… cough.. my podcast… cough. Anyways, as I was exploring ideas and tools to use I came across this one. I have only played around and have not actually used it yet however, it looks like it would be interesting and useful. Essentially you are creating a binder online. It seems almost similar to some of the google tools that we have been learning about, just another option. There are many interesting ways that these could be used with your students in the classroom, if you want to expand your technological self – check it out!

Organize your resources in an online binder – LiveBinders.


2 thoughts on “LiveBinders… cool!

  1. This is so cool! Thanks so much for sharing what you found about LiveBinders, Jane! I’ve been having so much trouble trying to figure out sites like Delicious and Diigo, so it’s great that there’s another option out there that let’s you compile everything. And, other people can add to it too, which is perfect for inter-professional collaboration! I, too, am a sticky-note kind of girl, so here’s hoping that you and me, both, can cut back on the amount of paper we use, haha!

  2. That’s a really cool resource, something I would definitely concider using! I am totally with you on being a tad bit old school and writting out notes –but is there anything wrong with this? I think if something works for you then why stop! I absolutely hate the idea of online agenda books/electronic day keepers…yikes!


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