In The News … Handing Out Zeros Resulting in Teacher Suspension

An article on a very interesting topic in the news. A teacher in Edmonton was suspended for handing out zeros. What is your take? Should students receive zeros for incomplete work?

Edmonton teacher suspended for handing out zeros | News.


5 thoughts on “In The News … Handing Out Zeros Resulting in Teacher Suspension

  1. This is a really interesting debate. All semester long last semester, in our ECS 410 Evaluation and Assessment class, we debated this topic. Personally, I believe handing out zeros is not okay, and I believe this for a couple of different reasons. For one, the child may not be able to complete it, due to a disability. Two, the child may not understand it fully and is afraid to ask for help. And thirdly, the child may be lazy or uninterested- and therefore, I think the teacher is not doing their jobs properly. I think it is the teachers JOB to keep children intrigued to learn and excited to learn. If what you’re doing is not working for that particular child, CHANGE IT. It is your responsibility as a teacher to meet every child’s needs in the classroom. There are a lot of outside factors that may contribute to the student not completing his/her work. Communication with the student and parents is key to their success in the classroom!

  2. I too debated this in my ECS 410 class. The main idea that still sticks out to me is giving students zeros for work that is handed in late or is uncompleted. It is such a bazaar and ironic way of assessing students. If we give them a zero for not handing in their work we are not actually assessing their work and thus are not encouraging students to learn and complete their work.

  3. Thanks for all of your comments! It is a relief to see that there are other future educators who see that there is something wrong with handing out these zeros to students. From the Facebook link that Sgreghayes shared, one can see how there are many individuals both educators and non educators, who do not agree with us. It is scary to see some of their comments and think that these are the people, these are the opinions that are going to create obstacles for all of us to overcome in our future years as educators. There are reasons to why we all believe what we do, and it is our job to help others see what these reasons are and why handing out zeros after zeros to students is not what is going to stop students from being “lazy.”

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