As a pre-service teacher, I often hear comments from teachers regarding the long tedious hours spent marking and grading. As a teacher, one must question the value of the time they spend doing so for the students. An interesting article in the New York times discussed a “Robo-Grader” that can grade multiple papers in seconds. Is this the future of our education system? What value is there for the students to have their work not even looked at by the teacher, but rather graded  by a robot all in an attempt to save time. When reading this article, I go back to a question that I discussed in my podacst of “what is the purpose of education, and what is ones job as a teacher?” If one uses a robot to grade their students’ work, what message does this send to the students about how their teacher values their work? As a result, how much effort will the students feel that they need to put into their work if their teachers are not even going to mark them themselves? There are many questions that this article has brought up for me regarding the value of education for our students in our society. I have attached a link below of the article. What are your thoughts on the “Robo-Grader?”

Robo-Readers Used to Grade Test Essays –



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