What Makes Project-Based Learning a Success?

In my education social studies 310 course two semesters ago, we discussed the use of “rich performance tasks” in the classroom. I do believe that the use of a project like this, or something similar can be effective in the classroom. When I think back to my schooling I remember a project from grade 7 that we were allowed to design on our own quite well. This was 9 years ago, and therefore, the learning that occurred there was very valuable. For this reason, along with the students taking ownership of their learning, allowing themselves to use their imagination and critical thinking skills, fostering to students’ personal interest, and many more, I believe that these types of projects can be very valuable tools in the classroom. The article linked below focuses on a school devoted to project-based learning. One concept that I really enjoyed from this article is captured in a quote from the principal of the school; “If you don’t have a relationship with the students, they’re not going to do anything for you; if it’s not relevant, you’re going to bore them. But when you look at relationships and relevance and then rigor, you’re going to hit all students.”

via What Makes Project-Based Learning a Success? | Edutopia.



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