Tech Task #3 A

One of the podcasts that I found and have subscribed to is called, The Whole Child Podcast. This is an American based podcast however, they discuss many interesting topics concerning education such as assessment practices, responses to diverse student needs, connecting curriculum to a real world context and much more.

The podcast that I listened to was called: “Whole Child Around the World: A Good School is a Good School.” I found this particular podcast to be very interesting. There were guest speaker from around the world from the United States to the Middle East to Germany discussing special programs in their school systems that are working towards a better experience for the ‘whole child.’ Some of the interesting, yet common theme between the speakers was the idea of what schools look like if we really put the child at the center. The concept of what a holistic approach would look like was discussed. It was suggested that to work in the reality of the life of the child that does not simply just include the school, for the influence of the media, family, peers, and the community is huge. Therefore, to ignore these contexts of the child’s life would not be taking a holistic approach. Another interesting suggestion was how community school relationships will enhance student involvement in schools.  In Germany, they focus on the thought of aligning health and education and working towards ‘giving students a push’ so that they can continue on their own. The speaker from Germany compared this to the comprehensive school health approach in Canada – cool, I have learned about this!

Overall, it is inspiring to hear so many educators from around the world essentially working in collaboration with one another to focus on the future of education where the students needs are at the center of the focus.

Two other podcasts that I have found to be very interesting are:

1) Learning Matters  This has many interesting educational topics explored.

2) Long Elementary This is an elementary school’s podcast site. Super cool to see how this school uses podcasting in the classroom to support student learning.



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