Internship here I come!

Internship placements come today, I am extremely pleased to announce that I will be interning in a grade 6 classroom at Mother Teresa Middle School in Regina! Check out their website to see what this amazing school is all about! 


2 thoughts on “Internship here I come!

  1. I just checked my mail and found out where I am doing internship too. It’s very exciting! What a fantastic experience it is going to be for you in the Grade 6 classroom. Good luck! You’ll do great 🙂

  2. Jane I am so happy for you! That will be such an amazing experience! You will have to keep me posted on the new things they are doing at the school, how the kids respond, etc. I know you will learn a lot from your coop, I hear she is amazing. I got placed in a 1/2 split which will be a completely different experience for me but I am excited to learn from the kids and also that I will be in Regina (close to you for coffee dates).


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