BBC News – SIM card to help parents protect children from bullying

What do you think? Should parents be able to have 100% control over their children’s activity on their mobile cell phones? Honestly, it almost saddens me. I do think that this could be a very useful product seeing as though there is a whole other level of bullying going on with children and teenagers today that was not around when I was in school. Bullying that it is being done so in a way that is very hard for adults to monitor and attempt to contain. However, with that being said, to me it is sad that we have come to this point where parents are having to use devices such as this to monitor their children’s activity. I must be clear here, this is not saying that this bullying is by any way the fault of the parents, what I am sad about is how as a society it has gotten this far. What can we do to help our future students see the harm and severity of online bullying – and bullying in general, so that it does not have to come down to this?

BBC News – SIM card to help parents protect children from bullying.


2 thoughts on “BBC News – SIM card to help parents protect children from bullying

  1. I agree, Jane. It is very sad that our world has come to the point where we are using the amazing technology we have access to as a way to hurt other people. However, as someone who hopes one day to have children of my own, a product like this grabs my attention. Even if students are not being bullied, there are too many students (as I’m sure we’ve all seen in our classrooms or done for ourselves) texting at inappropriate times – in class, at night, etc. I feel that by parents having the ability to monitor their children’s cell phone use they can help eliminate the issue of “cell phone dependency.” I also think that for students who are bullying or being bullied (or influenced into inappropriate things via cell phones) parents can help to save them from these problems by monitoring their cellphone use. However, I feel that it is important that parents educate themselves on this product before deciding to use it and also communicate with their children about it. Thanks for the post, Jane!

  2. Hmmm this is an interesting topic for debate! I think it is pretty sad too, Jane. I think that even young kids deserve privacy–it’s too bad that so many have ruined it for the rest. I think that all of the issues that come up with cellphones (cyberbullying, sexting, etc…) need to be confronted by parents and teachers..I feel that sooo many parents are passive and have the ‘my kid would never…’ mentality. The fact of the matter is that with peer pressure/influence, lots of cases of sexting/bullying are perceived as innocent. With that being said, rather than blocking off your child’s ability to use their phone, EDUCATE your child. If you just block use, one day your child is not going to be under your radar and is then open to do whatever–adults participate in cyberbullying and sexting too! Anyways, with all said, I think this is absolutely ridiculous and would feel ashamed if I actually had to block my child’s cell use. What about the rest of the techy items kids use in class/stay up late with and can use to sexy text/cyberbully…good luck with just a sim card!


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