Project of Heart

In addition to my last post, I thought I should share this amazing website with you all! In my pre-internship my partner and I were able to be a part of this project with our grade 4 class and it was an inspiring experience. Project of Heart is an in-school project for the students participate in the commemoration of those who have passed away in Residential Schools. It was created by a school teacher in Ontario, while doing her Masters degree. There are many parts of the program where the students learn about Residential Schools, and if you sign up you will receive valuable resources to aid in doing so. In addition, the students carry out an action project – a key component in ownership of their own learning for the students! The final completion of the project is having your students decorate mini wooden tiles. Each represents a student who passed away at the particular Residential School you are assigned. You then send your class tiles back in and they become a part of a huge travelling display. Check out the website to see examples, watch videos, and learn much more! Definitely worth and look!

Project of Heart.


One thought on “Project of Heart

  1. What an awesome idea! Specifically speaking I think that this resource would be especially beneficial to teachers in Saskatchewan, where there is such strong focus on the intergration of First Nation Content. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂


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